"We're INSURED......"

"We're INSURED......"

"We're INSURED......"

Call Us @ (972) 957-7072....

"Rated #1 by the Wedding Wire......"

"Rated #1 by the Wedding Wire......"

"Rated #1 by the Dallas Indian Weddings......"

"Rated #1 by the Dallas Morning......"

Call Us @ (972) 957-7072....

"Rated #1 by the Dallas Morning......"

Call Us @ (972) 957-7072....

"Rated #1 by the Dallas Wedding Wire......"

We're true Desi Contemporary DJ's..

"Rated #1 by the Dallas Yelp Community......"

We're true Desi Contemporary DJ's..

"Rated #1 by the Dallas Indian Association......"

We're true Desi Contemporary DJ's..

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  Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some questions that we frequently get from our prospective clients.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions you may have


DJ LG,Will you personally be the DJ at my event? Do you Subcontracts any Events?


When you book with Dallas Indian Weddings/1Amazing DJ Service,You book your event with DJ LG,You plan your event with DJ LG and on the date of the event,DJ LG will be the disc jockey/Video Jockey at your event. Often times, at other branded or non branded entertainment companies,the person you speak with when you inquire about DJ service,is not the actual person who will be performing at your event. These companies will have few teens that they subcontract your event to perform. This is pathetic but very common amongst couple Known Entertainment companies in dallas.Unfortuantely the customer only realizes during the day of the event.They either outsource the event or get a rookie DJ to perform at your event at professional rates.We will gladly name them upon request as we feel it's unethical to mislead customers.As Potential customers you shouldn't compromise for what you get charged. It is absolutely paramount that you have an opportunity to speak in person with the specific DJ that you will be working with and determine whether you feel comfortable with them.


What is Dallas Indian Weddings ?


Dallas Indian Weddings is a Full Service, Event Entertainment and Lighting Production Company. We were formerly called Dallas Indian Weddings. Since our clients often compliment that we are 1Amazing DJ's. We decided to add an alternate name to our business and since then we have been advertising ourselves as “ Dallas Indian Weddings”


Who is DJ LG?


 DJ LG is a unique Interactive artist who has successfully brought together two seemingly disparate worlds. He is responsible in making audiences in Dallas, wake up to what could best be termed a 2 fold amalgam ,of Bollywood beats and contemporary dance music. DJ LG's rise as an Interactive DJ has been meteoric to say the least. And while any success story would come replete with its years backed by unyielding perseverance and unbridled passion. His indefatigable spirit to constantly discover new and enthralling music for his listeners, coupled with his vibrant energy and an enviable ear for first-rate music, have ensured that the force of this passion of his life is conveyed to one and all.


Are you insured?


It is essential that any DJ you consider carries a full liability insurance policy. Most banquet halls have even taken the step of requiring all vendors working at their facility to provide proof of insurance prior to the date of the event. At Dallas Indian Weddings/Dallas Indian Weddings , we carry 2 million dollar liability insurance policy and will gladly honor requests to provide a certificate of insurance.



Do you perform for more than 1 event per day?


Some DJs will do as many events as they possibly can, and often times they will try to book multiple events on the same day. If a disc jockey has already done an event in the afternoon before your event, they will likely be physically exhausted by the latter half of your event. At Dallas Indian Weddings/Dallas Indian Weddings we only book 1 event per day. This not only allows us to give you our 100% undivided attention, it also allows you the ability to extend the length of your event (right up until 5 minutes before we are scheduled to stop) and know that we will always be available to continue.



Will my DJ act as the master of ceremonies?


In addition to playing music, your Dallas Indian Weddings/Dallas Indian Weddings DJ can act as master of ceremonies on request. We are comfortable speaking in public and will keep your guests involved throughout your event. We will gladly handle any announcements and pride ourselves in our ability to keep your event organized and running smoothly.


What music will my DJ bring to my event?


At Dallas Indian Weddings we have several song titles in our Music that consists of Bollywood, Bhangra, Hip Hop, Top 40, Remix, Reggae, Dancehall, Garba/Raas, Hindi Pop, House, Dance, Disco, Rock, Oldies, Alternative, Pop, 80s, Classical, Telugu, Pakistani, Tamil, Malayalam, Latin, R&B, Electro, and more and further we always add new song titles each and every month. Our music library spans over 8 decades, so regardless of the type of music you would like to hear, we will be able to satisfy your needs. However, in the unlikely event that we do not have a song that you would like to hear at your event, all you need to do is indicate the song on the planning worksheets and we will obtain any requests that we don't already have, at no additional charge.


Do you take requests from our guests?


At Dallas Indian Weddings/Dallas Indian Weddings we gladly take requests. Keep in mind that this is your event, so why settle for a DJ that wants to play only what they like.


Can we submit a "Do Not Play" list?


In addition to allowing our customers to submit request lists, we will gladly honor any songs or genres specified on a "Do Not Play" list.


How will my DJ be dressed?


Whether your event is formal or casual, your DJ will always be dressed appropriately. From tuxedos to khakis we will be happy to accommodate your desires. Weddings however, always include formal attire.


Do you provide crowd participation activities?


We have developed several activities that are designed to motivate and encourage your guests to have fun. These may be used in combination with our party props to give your guests a lasting memory of your occasion. However, we will never "surprise" you with any type of interaction. Since every client has a different vision of what they want at their event, we will always coordinate the level of interaction that you desire.


What is included in your DJ Service?


DJ Performance from an experienced DJ who will keep the energy going with the music and interact with your guests to ensure they have a great time during your event.


Basic Announcement Service for Introductions of family members, Bridal Party, and the Grand Entrance of the Bride and Groom


Entertainment/Itinerary Planning We will work with you through our meetings and correspondence to help plan the itinerary/program order of your event, to make sure that everything runs smoothly. The music, entertainment, and lighting will be custom tailored to your event’s itinerary. We assist our clients in finding the perfect song for any part of your event.


Two Wireless Digital Handheld Microphones


Professional DJ Booth available in your choice of any color-lit white.


Premium Sound System appropriate for your ballroom and number of guests.


Basic Dance Floor Lighting with Several upgrade options.



Do you take breaks?


One of the major advantages to using a DJ instead of a band, is that a DJ does NOT need to take breaks. When you hire Dallas Indian Weddings/Dallas Indian Weddings to perform at your event, there will be music from the arrival of the guests, all the way through until the last dance.


What type of DJ equipment do you provide?


At Dallas Indian Weddings/Dallas Indian Weddings we use only state of the art professional DJ Equipment & Lighting (All branded) . All of our systems are designed by highly skilled sound and lighting engineers. This type of commitment to excellence is unsurpassed by anyone.


Do you bring backup equipment with you to our event?


Even the very best and most well maintained equipment can malfunction at some point. At Dallas Indian Weddings/Dallas Indian Weddings , we are prepared in case this would happen at your event. We bring a full second sound system with us to each and every event. This assures that in the unlikely event of an equipment failure, we will be able to continue within moments.


Will I have a written contract?


Would you purchase on automobile without one? I would hope not. Yet all the time we hear horror stories about clients that spend thousands of dollars on a wedding, or social event, only to hire a disc jockey without a written contract. If your DJ is not willing to provide you with a written commitment, then tell them "No Thanks". At Dallas Indian Weddings/Dallas Indian Weddings , we are fully licensed, insured and will ALWAYS provide you with a written contract.


How much does your disc jockey service cost?


You might be surprised how little the difference in cost is between a low budget, inexperienced DJ and a highly qualified professional. Our rates are very competitive and we will be more than happy to discuss your event with you and quote you a price. Please feel free to contact us.


Do you Accept Credit Cards as forms of payment despite Check?


Yes,We do accept all major Credit Cards.


Can I see my Entertainer Perform?


For your convenience our Disc Jockeys have online videos that you can view from the comfort of your home located at our samples page and facebook page. We respect the privacy of the people who have hired us, so we do not encourage allowing potential clients to view us at events. We are now seeing that some Banquet halls ask us to sign a waiver stating the same.

We do not like to disappoint potential customers who would like to witness our service live before making a decision.We respect your concern and henceforth our company offers all our cutomer 100% moneyBack Guarantee.If for any reason you feel we did'nt spark your event.We will gladly return 100% of our service fees.We want our customers to be completely pleased with our service.




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